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Admin modules


Store all of your contacts in one, secure place. Read more >


Create free or paid for tickets to unmissable church events.

Teams & Rotas

Manage team communication as well as creating helpful, dynamic rotas for serving. Read More >


Allow your congregation and newcomers to fill out any forms digitally, so that the data will feed straight into iKnow.

Meeting & Service Planner

Create itemised plans that can be used to organise small events, large events or can even be used as meeting agendas.
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View and manage donations as well as claim gift aid for your church. Read More >

Custom Fields

Create fields to store any custom information about your contacts that you need.

Room Booking

Whether it be one church hall used by community groups, or lots of different meeting rooms. iKnow can help you manage your venue bookings.
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Brand your iKnow homepage and communication so that it is familiar to all of your congregation.

Finding & Searching

Create custom searches to find important lists of anyone you need at church.


Record customised attendance figures at all of your church services and events.


Band people into circles for easy communication. 


Create a calendar of all of your church events. This can be embedded into your church website too.


View reports compiled with all of the data from your iKnow account. For help with decision making and oversight.

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