Finance Charges

iKnow are committed to building church and so we have low fees for churches to process payments for gifts, offerings and also raise finance through ticket sales.

Please note that these fees are the total amount including bank processing charges - there are no additional fees.


Donations can be made through a giving page on your website or you can process donations on a donors behalf

Type Fee
Debit Card 1.69% + 30p
Credit Card (not American Express *) 1.89% + 30p
Direct Debit 1.4% + 20p 


Type Fee
Debit Card 2.5% + 40p per ticket
Credit Card (not American Express *) 2.5% + 40p per ticket

* American Express will be available but due to their charges it will be at a higher rate.

Other Costs

Gift Aid Claims which are processed through iKnow Church are charged at just 1% of the claim.

As iKnow Church includes a full Gift Aid claim integration with HMRC it means that your church can manage all the donations within iKnow Church and claims for Gift Aid can be made in just a few clicks..

Type Fee
Gift Aid Charge 1% of claim


Example of a £1,000 donation by Debit Card with Gift Aid claimed through iKnow Church
Donor Gives £1,000  £1,000
Less Transaction cost (1.69% + 30p) £17.20
Gift Aid claimed through iKnow Church £250
Less Gift Aid Charge (1% of claim) £2.50
Church Receives £1,230.30

Prices updated March 2022.

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