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iKnow Church at the CRE 2021

First published on: 3rd September 2021

Come and visit us at the CRE this year!

Happy Event Planning!

First published on: 2nd September 2021

Using iKnow to plan your Church events

Common Ground Found in Custom Fields

First published on: 11th August 2021

A look over the Custom Fields function.

The Journey: From 'Hello' to Member

First published on: 16th July 2021

Keeping in touch with a member's journey

Prayer and Praise

First published on: 15th June 2021

A look at the Prayer and Praise function in iKnow

Planning Ahead: Are You ready for Church!?

First published on: 18th May 2021

How to use iKnow for planning

Building Community

First published on: 12th April 2021

Tips for building a community online

After the Stream: From the Speakers to the Heart

First published on: 16th March 2021

Church on the weekdays as well as weekends

Compress Audio Files With Audacity

First published on: 17th February 2021

a guide to preparing audio files

How to create online connection rather than just producing content

First published on: 16th February 2021

Tips for pastoral care online

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