iKnow Church is a cloud based software designed to lift the burden of church management and administration off your team, and give you more time to do what it is that you’re called to.

We’ve designed a software that anyone can use, and anyone in your church is able to log in if you give them access. You can create custom levels of access so that people can only see or edit what you have give them permission for.  

With many features for you to explore see below a selection of highlights with a brief overview of how we can help you and your church. 


Manage people’s data in a powerful database.

iKnow takes care of all event management, from your calendar, to your room booking, service plans, internal meetings. tickets and invitations.

Manage teams and rotas, as well as small groups, childrens church and the youth ministry. 



Communicate with anyone on your database, from the whole church congregation, to your teams, groups and circles.

You can use iKnow to send texts, emails or create personalised letters so that you can stay in touch with your community.

Brand your communication for a professional and personal impact.


Pastoral Care 

The heart of iKnow is the sctipture

John 10:14
“I know my sheep and my sheep know me”

iKnow can help you keep track of your whole church, from first time visitor's to your most dedicated members. 

With our tools we'll help you ensure that no-one slips through the cracks. Keep track of  the descipleship journey and the pastoral needs of everyone in your community!



Track growth, attendance, descipleship and engagement in teams.

See live data of your church patterns using the metrics available to you in iKnow.

Track church giving and submit gift aid claims through iKnow Church.

GDPR Tool 


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