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Resourcing the church through the Coronavirus

The impact of the Coronavirus that we are facing is far and wide.  As a team we’re here to help you in the ongoing changes in church life as you work towards returning to church. We understand every church is unique in context and our software is flexible to help you with your plans. 

See our resources below including; helpful articles, training webinars and our highlights of the best modules for your season.


The Church Starting to gather

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Training Webinars  

Join us for training from the comfort of your home or office! 
Who could you invite? it's perfect for your team & leaders using and implementing iKnow.

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How can iKnow Church help?


Use the communication suite to send emails and text messages to the congregation. Share important messages and encouraging words quickly and easily. Read More


Use the app to keep your church updated with key messages and encouragement. Read More


Create online forms so that members of the community can contact the church to notify of needs, and prayer requests. Embed these in your website, or send them directly in an email. Read More


With gatherings suspended, many churches have had less opportunity to receive giving from church members, however there are still bills to pay. Use the online giving platform on iKnow to encourage church members to donate to the church online. Read More

Small Groups/Group Leaders

Church will start to look different with the new goverment guidance and your small group leaders will still need to communicate with their group. They can use iKnow for communication, scheduling online group chats and meetings. You can also continue to prepare for life beyone the Coronavirus. Read More


A map showing where people live helping you to see who lives closest to those in need. 


Create a ticketed event for bookings, free or paid for. Flexible tickets options for individuals, groups and families. Share on a website, via social media *Check-in feature coming soon Read More

Meeting Planner

Create itemised plans that can be used to organise small events, large events or can even be used as meeting agendas. Includes check-in functionality. Read More


Record customised attendance figures at all of your church services and events.


View reports compiled with all of the data from your iKnow account. For help with decision making and oversight.

Head to our support site for help guides and video tutorials for all our modules and features.

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