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New Finance ModuleIntroducing Apple and Google Pay - making giving even easier

Following our all-new Donations Module earlier this year, we're now rolling out new ways to pay and make it even better!

We are excited to announce the latest update to our Finance module: accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay. People can easily donate to your church 24/7 by Direct Debit and all major Cards through the giving page that can be embedded within your church website.  Now when they come to enter their card details they will have the option to give with Apple Pay or Google Pay should they have this enabled on their device/ browser.  This makes it even easier and quicker to give especially as more people tend to leave cards at home and just pay just by phone.

What do you need to do to access Apple Pay and Google Pay?

The best thing is you do not need to do anything to enable Apple Pay and Android Pay on your account. If you are set up to process Finance with iKnow then Apple and Google Pay will be provided as options when anyone goes to make a donation or buy a ticket through an enabled browser or phone.

“We so appreciate iKnow Church’s innovation in streamlining the administration of running a church, and the integration of Apple Pay as an option to give is another one of these. It integrates seamlessly into your existing system and makes it that one step easier for donors and givers. Thank you!"

Ryan, Revival Fires 


How do our fees compare? 

Our donation fees are already one of the lowest around and are the total amount (there is not a separate iKnow platform fee). With the option for donors to cover fees and over 56% of people choosing to cover fees, it meant that the average fee was just 0.97% on the donations that went through iKnow Church from May - July 2022!   For a church receiving £50,000 of donations over the course of the year, this means a church could save over £600 compared to a provider that charged 2% or over £1,300 compared to the 3.6% a popular provider charges*.


Accept Recurring Donations that can increase automatically!

Donors can give a one off donation or choose to give every week, month or quarter. What’s more they can set their donations to increase automatically by a fixed amount or percentage such as £5 every 3 months or 4% every year. iKnow Church does all the sums and still gives the user the chance to cover any transaction fees. 

Ticket fees that are a lot more competitive than….

Fees on ticket sales are just 2.5% + 40p saving the church a lot of money compared to the majority of providers. For a £10 ticket, iKnow Church would save the church at least 50p in fees per ticket compared to a provider that charged 6.5% + 49p per ticket.   Whereas a lot of providers release funds after the event has taken place, iKnow Church releases funds on the Monday, 7 days after the ticket has been purchased, helping with cash flow for the event. 

Gift Aid

iKnow Church integrates with HMRC so that your Gift Aid claims can be submitted with just a few clicks. 

Upload Bank Statements

Upload your banks statements so off-line giving from other sources such as BACS and Standing Orders can be recorded in iKnow. 

* examples based on 500 donations of £100 and based on iKnow average rate of 0.97% should 56% of people be covering the transaction fees. 



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