February 2017 Updates

First published on: 10th February 2017

These are the latest updates applied to all iKnow Church users during February 2017.

Team and Group Permissions

We've added two new permissions in the People module so that you can give access to someone to administer all the teams and/or groups within church.  Previously someone had to be given access to the settings module of iKnow to make these changes.  

The new Team permission also means that church administrators can create and edit rotas without having to add themselves as a member of that team.

To give someone access to manage teams or groups, go to their profile in People and click on the App's tab.

Service Rota

The Service Rota is a handy PDF printout of everyone who is serving for an event. This has always been available within the Metrics module, but now is also available to those who have been given the new Team access.

New Visitor Category

There is now a new visitor category for categorising people in the database. The update we added last month allowing Group Leaders to add people has been enhanced so that new people added this way will be categorised as Visitors. They will also appear in Pending Adults so that the church office can verify their details.  Don't forget that iKnow Church pricing is based on the number of members added to the system. We do not charge for missional contacts or visitors contacts.

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