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Leadership modules


View smart reports on attendance, teams, groups and discipleship journey. This is helpful for church oversight and decision making.


View information on church giving, in a total view, or broken down into different campaigns.


Create workflows so that your team can be reminded of important church tasks, like following up with newcomers! 


A thorough and secure database of all of the contacts that your church has. 

 Access levels

Set custom levels of access for every person at your church so they can see only what they need to.

Service & meeting planner

Create accessible and helpful plans for your services, events and internal meetings.

Team Leader

Leaders of teams have access to the software so that they can create rotas and communicate with their people, also including automated email reminders for people scheduled to serve.

Group leader

Leaders of groups have access where they can run their group calendar, log attendance and receive Pastoral Care alerts as well as communicate with their group.

Group Networks

Add individual groups to the appropriate network so that leaders can oversee.


A central view of everything happening in the church. You can create public, private and rota events.


Check the geographical distribution of your church members and families, along with the meeting places of all of your small groups and church location.


Publish your sermons and messages through our podcasting facility.

Church Network Model

If you’re a church that meets across more than one location, manage it all on iKnow.


The term Connect Group might not ring a bell, but maybe Life Group or Cell Group does? Adjust the vocabulary used throughout iKnow so that it is familiar for your people.

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