iKnow App

Over the past year, we have been developing the brand new iKnow App, FREE for all iKnow users.

Our iKnow App is a fantastic opportunity to allow your church members to sign in to iKnow via the app and stay fully updated with what is happening at the church. 

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Upgrade to our custom app with additional features.

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Here are some of the features we have available in the iKnow App:

  • Update Personal Details - Keep the churches database up to date with the latest contact and personal details.
  • What's On - Find out what events are taking place at your church
  • Giving - Enable your church congregation to give donations through the iKnow App
  • Teams - Know what teams you are on and when you are due to be on a rota
  • Tickets - Buy tickets for events that the church is running
  • Your Availability - update your availability to prevent any rota clashes
  • Podcasts - Listen to the latest podcasts uploaded to iKnow for your church

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