April 2019 Updates

First published on: 15th April 2019

These are the latest updates that have been applied to iKnow Church during April 2019 following our bumper March 2019 update.

Mobile App

For churches with their own Mobile App, you can now make changes to your featured page from within the App Builder. The feature page is where your church can add its own message to welcome people to the app and introduce the church to your visitors. Multiple pages can be added to this section using this new update.

To make changes to this page go to Settings > App Builder and click on Featured Page.


Communication Suite

The Communication Suite is used to contact groups of people through email, text and letters. We've added new tags for {fullName} and {userName} in addition to the existing personalisation options.

Rota Updates - Printouts

You will be able to print out the rota's from different teams onto the same PDF and select what event information is included. 


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