Child Check-in

Our Child Check-in feature is a great way to safely look after the children on a Sunday.  We spent many months just developing this feature and worked in consultation with CCPAS in developing this.

The Child Check-in module makes it quicker for parents and guardians to drop off and collect their children whilst making it extremely safe to do so.

By giving each child a wristband, each child is checked into Sunday School where authorised leaders have instant access to any relevant information about the child such as medical or child permissions.

At the end of the Sunday School a simple scan of the barcode will show the picture of the person who is allowed to take the child out of the Sunday School. The photo of both the adult and the child is shown on a screen to the children's supervisor to verify.

Parents / Guardians can complete the information within iKnow that the church requires for each child such as allergies, permissions and other information. All of this information can be customised by the church.  

"CCPAS are impressed with the iKnow Child Check-in technology for Sunday Schools and children’s activities. It is vital that churches have safe arrangements for the booking in and collection of children in all their activities and this application is helpful for just that. It is important having ready access to relevant information about a child, and this system provides for this."

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