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What's New: Finance

New Finance ModuleOur brand new Finance Module

After over a year of development we are really pleased to launch phase 1 of our all new Finance module, helping churches to accept new ways of donation and manage their donors and Gift Aid.

A closer look:

  • Setup different legal entities if your setup has more than 1 registered charity
  • Create campaigns and set targets
  • Accept donations by card and direct debit
  • See change in giving through the iKnow graphs
  • Create embedded giving pages for your website or email a link to your database
  • Download giving statements for your donors
  • Claim Gift Aid from HMRC directly through iKnow
  • Set dates for your Gift Aid claims
  • Give donors the option to pay any transaction fees
  • Download transactions as PDF or CSV files
  • Set different access levels to the Finance module
  • Full audit history within the Finance module


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Important Information

If you used the previous version of the Finance module there are a few items to be aware of:

Unassigned Transactions - For churches that have already been using the previous version of the Finance Module, you may notice a number of Unassigned Transaction. These are donations which were not assigned to a Donor in the previous version. You will need to assign these to a Donor (or create a Donor called 'Unassigned Transactions') to clear the list.  If you have a large number of unassigned transactiions you can contact the helpdesk to request bulk assigning these.

Payment Processing - we have sent a number of communications over the last 4 months for churches to setup their new payment processing details. If you have not done this and were previously accepting payments through iKnow you MUST complete the process before any further donations/ticket sales go through.

Gift Aid Officer - if you previously had a Gift Aid Officer you will need to re-add this in Legal Entities as it will now be linked to a person in iKnow.

Access - we have changed the access to Finance so it can be controlled much more. As a result those with just Event access will not be able to access the new Finance module. Users with master access will be able to login and go to Settings > Access to add people.

Fees - we have updated the fees charged per transaction - see the new fees compared to the previous charges.

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