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Using Technology to Engage Visitors in Church

First published on: 21st December 2015

As Christmas draws near, churches are holding their services and thinking of how best to communicate the gospel with people do not attend during the year.

Techology can help with the task of making sure that those who made a commitment to follow Christ over the Christmas period are properly followed up on, and help to bring them into (and keep them connected to) the church after their initial decision. 

The vision of iKnow Church is built firmly on the basis of John 10:14, “I am the good Shepherd; I know My sheep and my sheep know Me”, so many of our features are designed to help church actively engage and involve people. Effective pastoral care can help encourage those who have made a commitment to run their race and it can also draw those who have not yet made a commitment, into a closer relationship with Christ.

iKnow provides a substantial people database and it uses this as the engine to foster a strong and healthy church. The finder function in iKnow is a really powerful tool that allows churches to create extensive searches for specific groups of people from the database, such as ‘those who are new’, ‘those who haven’t been baptised’, or something really specific like, ‘those who are between 18-25, new to church, have been on an Alpha course and are in a homegroup but haven’t been baptised’. 

There are a lot of potential searches that could be created to help find specific groups of people in the church; iKnow is flexible and so it can be tailored to your individual church needs. Once these groups have been created, they can be easily communicated with by using the built in communication suite, which gives the option to send a personliased message as either an email or a text message.

Performing detailed searches like these will help you to find, communicate and integrate people into your church better, leading to more efficient and effective pastoral care. 

Technology is an excellent tool that can be used to assist in the Christian commission, and in a technology driven society, it is an influential way to approach and engage new visitors into the main church body. 

As more time is being spent in front of screens, a great way of helping visitors to connect to your church is by having a mobile app built, this will allow visitors to access your church on their mobile devices, and it will also enable their details to be stored into the people database of iKnow - providing you with a way to communicate with them outside of church.

Being a Christian run company, we want to see churches grow and so we're constantly developing iKnow Church Software with this purpose in mind, which is why we don’t believe in charging for keeping missional contacts, or children, in the database.

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