Using iKnow as a Team Leader

First published on: 24th January 2017

We understand your frustration; when that one person who always cancels at the last minute has cancelled at five to eleven Saturday night trying to arrange a rota swap and those people who often just never show up because they forgot!

Being a team leader in the church is no mean feat!

Working with as many churches as we do on a daily basis, the stories that we hear about your rota troubles - some that leave us shaking our heads in dismay, gasping with you, and sometimes just downright hysterical stories - we’ve heard a lot of stories based around team and rota management!

We understand how frustrating managing a team and a rota can be, and it is something that should be so simple! Well, with iKnow, it is simple, so if you are a team leader that is currently pulling your hair out, take a look at some of our suggestions below:

  • Create a set team; iKnow gives you the ability to create sets of teams that you use on a regular basis, so rather than creating a rota from scratch every time, you can now create and save ‘Jenny’s Team’ so that you can easily input that team each week without manually entering in each person.
  • Express to the team the importance of keeping their own profile updated in iKnow, so that if they know that they are away over a certain week, iKnow will know this and provide you as a team leader with alternative suggestions each time that you add in ‘Jenny’s Team’ to the rota. This helps them and you as a leader from a lot of extra leg work!
  • Another reason to keep their profile updated is that if the rota has already been created, then by adding their unavailability, team leaders will be notified by email straight away, including alternatives for the role!
  • You may have noticed if you use iKnow already that when you add someone to the rota, a couple of people will appear at the top of your list with a number associated. This is a really handy aspect of iKnow that will automatically bring to the top of the list those people who have performed that specific role the most. So next time someone pulls out the morning of the service, you can see who knows that role and can be trusted to do it to a high standard. Or, alternatively, this may signal that this person needs a rest for a few weeks.
  • Have members of your team that don’t have internet access? Not a problem, simply choose to ‘view rota’ instead of ‘edit rota’ and you will see an easy to read format that you can then print off and send out. If you need to do this for a few months ahead of time, you can generate future months within the Metrics module.


If you would like further assistance with iKnow as a team leader then our team are always on hand to give you a leg up! Give us a call on 0121 651 1125, or email us at

We also run regular webinars to provide you with further tips and to give you a walk through the Team’s module, take a look at our dates here and register today: iKnow Team Webinar


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