The Benefits of a 'Connected' Church

First published on: 19th May 2017

Technology, it is one of the Marmite’s in life right? You either love it or you really just don’t get along with technology at all.

Whilst technology can be a daunting step for some churches to adopt in the way that they manage all the day to day aspects of running a church, it can also be such a huge blessing that brings about fruit not only for this generation of Christians but for future ones too.

We want technology to be used as a force of good that helps the church, rather than it being a hindrance to God’s Word. Unfortunately though, many are missing out due to a fear of the unknown, that is why we are committed to providing churches with the full help and support that they need in order to help to overcome those fears and help churches start to use technology to help with the growth of the body.

For those who are not a fan of technology, seeing exactly how it can help in the church may seem rather abstract. However, technology can help jog our memory! Think about your typical weekly church small group, do you really remember if somebody hasn’t attended consistently over the past year, or do you only recall the last couple of months or weeks?

Technology has the capability of storing this kind of information but it can also go several steps beyond simply recording data to where to use can then start to use this data in a much more tangible way to help you find the people that you are trying the hardest to reach in the community and the church.

Data can be a scary term but if it is harnessed correctly by the church it can become one of our most effective tools to use in reaching the unchurched and finding them at the stage that they are in with the Christian journey, rather than assuming that everyone is on the same knowledge base when they first come to your church.

The future is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, so let’s make sure that it is the church who is shaping this rather than following behind the world.

God has put His body together, equipping us each with the right skills needed to work together for His glory, so if technology is a scary step for your church then our team at iKnow Church are on the other end of the phone or an email to help you, we also host regular tours across the UK to give you the training that will help you.


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