Should my church be considering an additional location?

First published on: 9th June 2017

It is great that some churches reach maximum capacity on a regular basis and this may be prompting you in considering bigger premises or additional locations but knowing where best to look for a new location can be daunting.

Likewise, do you know where the majority of your church members are travelling in from every week? Is there a home group near to them to provide much-needed fellowship? Do you need to find a family living close by to someone who has just had a life crisis?

With iKnow, you can find all of these details easily within the Map App.

With different markers to show you where individuals are located in comparison to where the church is located and also where each homegroup is, you can very quickly and easily get a visual map of the church which can help you when planning the creation of your next homegroup team or in looking for a new church location, or help you to locate an individual who lives close by to someone in need of specific help.


If you need any help with this feature or any other iKnow feature then please contact our team who are happy to help. 0121 651 1125 or email


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