September 2018 Updates

First published on: 10th September 2018

These are the latest updates being released to iKnow Church which all our churches will benefit from. As part of using iKnow Church, your church receives all our latest releases at no extra charge.

People Process BadgesPeople

Now it is easy to see when people are added to iKnow Church through the mobile app or the child check-in module. Badges with the number of people outstanding will appear next to Pending Adults and Pending Children within the People module. Each of these Pending People can then be verified before they are added to the main church database.  

Room Bookings

The printout of your room bookings can now display each day on a separate page. 


When downloading the named attendance for Small Groups, it now lists the Small Group network that each person belongs to (if applicable).


It has always been possible to oversee the processes outstanding from within the settings module. Now you can give access to certain people in the church to also have this access from their own To Do list. To do this go to Settings > Processes and select a Circle of people who should be given this access. For large churches that use small group networks, it is also possible for the process oversight to be managed by group leaders. Anyone who is given access to oversee others will see names of those with outstanding tasks shown on their To Do list. 


Printer friendly rotas now have the team name displayed on the PDF. 

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