September 2017 Updates

First published on: 13th September 2017

These are the updates that have been released to all churches using iKnow Church. 


We've added extra search criteria for Finder to give more possibilities when searching for certain demographics in your church.

Free text can now be searched in the address such as:

  • People living in Tottenham
  • People whose postcode contains NW1

Date searches can be more specific such as:

  • Has attended a group before a certain date
  • Has not attended a specific group after a certain date
  • Has missed an event before a certain date


One of the features that pastoral care teams like about iKnow is the ability for group leaders to record who attended a home group. For churches that use this part of the home group module, you will know how leaders get a reminder 24 hours after the group has met if their group attendance has not been recorded.   We've now updated this so that home group overseers can also be notified if a leader within their network has not completed the attendance.  To enable this extra notification for overseers go to Settings > Groups.

Room Booking

Extended the time that room booking printouts can be created from 6 months to 12 months.


Treasurers and Finance Teams can now add further columns for their finance reporting. 

Minor update to improve the user interface when importing bank statements into the finance module. 

Minor layouts to the transactions grid in finance.

Minor Updates

There was a bug which sometimes caused the scroller preview image to not show for administrators in the scroller setup. This has now been fixed. 


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