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Pastoral Care modules


Track and walk with each individual at your church as they reach different faith milestones.


Create automated workflows to help your team follow up with individuals at church when they need it.

Groups & group networks

Use groups and group networks to meet with and disciple your church members. Track attendance and their engagement in church life.

Custom fields

If there is anything you need to track at your church, you can create unique custom fields in people's profiles to record it.


Create custom searches to find important lists of anyone you need at church.

Prayer and praise

Allow church goers to share their prayer points and celebrate their praise points. These can be published on the iKnow dashboard, or be sent through to your prayer chain/network


Create digital forms to attain any information you need from church members and visitors, or use forms to allow members to submit pastoral concerns themselves.

Child check in

Check children in and out of sunday school or children’s programs safely and securely.


View smart reports on attendance, teams, groups and discipleship journey across your church. 


Individuals can view and edit their own profile


Manage household relationships


Record pastoral notes for individuals at your church so that important details are not forgotten.

To watch tutorials on these features, visit our support site.

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