October 2016 Updates

First published on: 17th October 2016

These are the most recent updates to iKnow Church which have been released during October 2016.

Room Booking

There is now the ability to make provisional bookings in the room booking module. If a booking is yet to be confirmed then you will be able to add it as provisional and provisionally book all your assets as well (laptops, projectors etc). As soon as a booking is confirmed then it can be changed from provisional to confirmed.

Browser Compatibility

We've spent a lot of the summer time doing a complete browser/ device test on iKnow to ensure it works fully with the latest smartphones and devices.  This has now been released for the people, me and dashboard areas of iKnow.

Me Area

When a member of the church goes to submit a change their address, it will now pre-populate the form with their current address. There is also an additional reason for changing address for people who are adding an address for the first time.

Communication Suite

Now Rich Text Files can be added to emails sent through the iKnow Communication Suite.


The finder has been updated so that when searching for group leaders, it will ignore archived groups.


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