November 2017 Updates

First published on: 25th November 2017

These are the updates that have been released during November 2017 to all churches using iKnow Church. 

Teams and Rotas

The header at the top of the edit rota page is now fixed in position so that it does not scroll.

Printable rotas can now be generated as a PDF or CSV between dates of your choice for each team.  

The time of the service shows on each of the rota weeks. The year also is displayed in case you are planning a year in advance. Rotas can now be planned up to 12 months in advance.

Room Booking

Email address can be added for people booking rooms.

Prayer and Praise

This feature can be turned off by a church through Settings > Configuration.

Small Groups 

For churches that track attendance of small groups, leaders can now easily see any services where attendance has not been recorded from within their group homepage. They will be able to take attendance or mark if the group did not meet.

Child Check-in

The school years can now be customised.

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