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The Journey: From 'Hello' to Member

First published on: 16th July 2021

The Journey

From ‘Hello’ to Member

iKnow Church was created out of a vision of John 10:14, “I am the Good Shepherd; I know My sheep and My sheep know Me.” Pastoral care has and will always be at the heart of everything we do and create. We serve from a distance, so you can serve up close.

With Church doors opening, we pray that this last season will bring about an influx of people who realise the insufficiency of worldly things and are roused by a God given desire to find what can only truly be found in Christ Jesus, our Lord; a peace that the world cannot give; a peace with God (John 14:27).

The Journey feature within the People Module in iKnow is designed for the very first step someone takes through your Church doors. We can’t offer them a warm welcome like you can, but you can use iKnow to record their interactions and progress throughout their Church life.

It has to be more than a warm welcome. Find them someone to sit with. Chat with them at the end of the service. Really start to build that relationship by showing them the love of Christ (Luke 10:37). Don’t just hope they return the next week, instead, exchange contact details and encourage them in their seeking.

Record your interactions and their steps with you and the church.  

The Journey feature in iKnow allows you to record an array of steps, from the date of their first visit, whether they’ve attended any outreach events you hold, when they became a Christian, got Baptised, joined a group and loads more! One Church may be a little different than another, so the Journey steps are all fully customisable to suit your Church and its terminology.

Help yourself remember the important things you discuss by adding secure notes and setting reminders to follow up with encouraging messages like letting them know you’re praying for them on the day of an exam or funeral.

As the buds of faith start to grow and the more they become incorporated in Church life the more you can record, as they join teams to serve, become a member and start contributing financially to the work of the Church.

May iKnow be a blessing to you as you utilise the features for the good of the sheep.


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