May 2017 Updates

First published on: 27th April 2017

These are the latest updates that have been applied to iKnow Church during April/ May 2017.


We've enhanced the metrics with even more useful graphs and statistics for your leadership. It is now easy to do year on year comparisons and see how the church attendance has changed.  You will be able to see year on year comparisons with each of your journey items such as seeing how many people have been saved compared to this time last year.

Church Statistics and Metrics 

Youth Check-in

The Class now uses the dictionary for the Youth Check-in module. If you have renamed a Class to something else ‘ie ‘Youth Group’ then this alternative name will appear in the Youth Check-in module.

Attendance reports have been added to Youth Check-in.


If you want to easily see when a person is serving on a rota you can now click on their name in the 'edit rota' or 'view rota' page. This will then highlight in yellow all dates that the person is serving on that rota.

Church rotas


The Groups page gives leaders a good overview of recent group attendance. For churches that have a high number of home groups, this page can sometimes take a bit of time to load. We’ve updated the code to make it faster to load for churches that do have hundreds of home groups.

For overseers of multiple groups, it now says in the quick overview box when the group last met and how many attended. 

For churches which take Sunday attendance within their groups, it is now possible to enter the attendance on the Sunday, rather than waiting for the group to take place.


When viewing a pending adult or child, it will notify you if someone already exists in iKnow with the same first name and surname, or the same email. This will help prevent people being entered twice onto your iKnow Church database.


In some versions of Internet Explorer, finder was not always displaying correctly. This has been updated to work with all the latest versions of Internet Explorer.

New finder query to find if someone is not a particular member type or contact type.

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