March 2018 Updates

First published on: 2nd April 2018

This month sees a bumper set of updates being released to iKnow Church which all our clients can benefit from. As part of using iKnow Church, your church benefits from all our latest releases at no extra charge. 

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Updates

So far we have spent over 5 months of development on our GDPR tools and have now made available our new GDPR section within Settings. This area is only accessible to those responsible for Data Protection for the church and has tools to:

  • Update Church Privacy Policy (Audit history records previous changes)
  • Add / Remove people who should have access to the GDPR section
  • Record the lawful basis for storing and processing a person's information
  • Send an email/text to those who need to give consent for data storage/ communication
  • Send an email/text to those about to turn 13 who need to give consent for data storage/ communication
  • Audit history of permissions/lawful basis

For gaining consent see our Tutorial.


Within People we have added within households a Relationships module so it is easy to see who is related within the church. 

We've added a new tab within People for Data Protection which will show what permissions a person has given regarding their data and communication.   Only people within the new Data Protection Admin Group will be able to see this information.

GDPR Data Protection for Churches

Custom Fields

We've spent a long time developing our custom fields tools to People. This means that your church can add a variety of new custom fields including:

  • text fields
  • multi-line
  • date
  • person look up
  • tick boxes
  • multiple select options

As you create a custom fields section you can also specify if these fields can be changed by each person of if they are only viewable to certain people within the church.  To start adding Custom Fields for your church go to Settings (You must have Settings access to your iKnow Church).   For more details see our Custom Fields page.

Growth Track

Child Check-in

When children are being checked in, it now lists children alphabetically. 


Error handling has been added if a person is not added correctly due to poor internet connection.

Updated added to prevent Safari from auto-filling email addresses when adding/editing a persons profile. 

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