March 2017 Updates

First published on: 20th March 2017

These are the latest updates applied to iKnow Church during March 2017.

New Youth Check-in module

We released the Child Check-in module in 2015 after developing it in close consultation with CCPAS.  The Child Check-in module has ensured that the children's team have quick access to medical information and permissions for each child. For larger churches, this module ensures that churches know where each child is and that each child can only leave your building with the appropriate adult.  

We've now adapted this module so that it can be used for Youth Check-in where parents or guardians do not need to sign their children in. Instead youth can attend your youth event and be signed in and out of the event without needing an adult present. This means that:

  • Youth do not need to have an adult signed in for them
  • Check-points can still be used so you know when someone leaves the room/building
  • Check-out can be used so you know when a member of Youth has left the event
  • Option to use wristbands for each Youth member.
  • Report so you can find out who has attended

To start using the Youth Check-in module go to the existing Children's Check-in module within Settings and you will see a new option next to each class which you can tick to 'Allow check-in without parents'.


We've updated Pending Adults and Pending Children so that it will notify you if there is a person with the same name already on the database. This will help prevent duplicate entries being added for people. 


If Group Leaders add a member to their home group, then they can also enter which member invited them to the group. People added this way will be placed into Pending People as a Visitor, for the Church Office to then verify them.

Finder Queries

We've added new finder query for:

  • searching for visitors





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