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March 2016 Updates

First published on: 29th March 2016

These are the latest updates for iKnow Church.  All churches using iKnow will automatically benefit from these latest enhancements.

Child Check-in

We've added a new reporting tool so you can see which member children and guest children attended over a certain time period. The reporting option is only available within Child Check-in to people who have been set up as Children's Pastors.  As well as viewing the information in iKnow, you will also be able to download the data as a CSV file or PDF.

There is a new option in Guest Check-in where the child's guardian can tick a box that says 'I am a member of the church but do not yet have an iKnow login'. This will then automatically add them and their children into your church database where they will appear under the Pending Adults and Pending Children from where you can verify them as members of the church.


First Last - you may have noticed a few people named First Last appearing in your database. This was caused by church administrators going to add someone to iKnow but not completing the process. We've now updated this to prevent it from happening (if you do have someone in the church called First Last then please get in touch with us!)

Manual reset password - members with access to the People app who have edit access will be able to change another member's password for them. Doing so will alert the person that their password has been changed as well as informing them who has made the change. 

Quick Groups moved to the top - a very minor update but we've moved the quick groups in People app to the top left of the page making it easier for users to get to the most used items.

Since Child Check-in was launched we've had the new Pending Children option which shows any children added by church members. We've now renamed the previous Pending People option to Pending Adults.  Pending Adults will continue to show anyone who has requested access via your mobile app, or via the Guest Child Check-in.

Pending Adults / Pending Child - there is now an easy way to administer people appearing under Pending with the new Accept / Delete buttons

Information about children can now be edited directly in the people app. As a church you can customise what questions you ask about your children such as 'Permission to have photo taken'. These questions can be customised within the Child Check-in area.


When planning a rota we've extended the amount of rotas you can add to up to 4 months in advance


The ticketing module has been really popular to lots of churches. So much so that the ticketing homepage can get filled up with lots of past events. We've now updated this so by default you only see the upcoming events when you click on Ticketing. Previous events can be easily accessed by clicking on the Historical Events tab.

Ticketing notifications - if you want certain people to be notified as soon as a ticket is purchased then you will now be able to add people to the new Registration Group.  Anyone added to this list will be notified when a delegate books a ticket to an event through iKnow.


Many churches are using iKnow to process all their credit/debit cards, claim gift aid and record transactions. As a result  we've changed the finance homepage to only show the most recent 3 months of transactions. Previous transactions can still be accessed and searched for as before. 

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