Managing Church Facilities with the Room Booking Module

First published on: 6th September 2016

Across the country, church buildings and halls are often significantly under-utilised, despite being physically prominent in their locality and herein lies a fantastic opportunity. By thinking outside the box and opening up the doors, even a small step forward could provide the platform for outreach and growth as well as bringing additional revenue into the church.

For churches that are actively hiring out their facilities, or letting different church/community groups use them, it can often be a bit of a headache trying to keep on top of the multitude of bookings. Many of the churches we speak to are currently using a few post-its here, an e-mail there, a handwritten note here and multiple spreadsheets to manage their bookings. Thankfully, with iKnow we have created a solution that will enable churches to control bookings online in a central location. We’ve detailed below some of the great features that we’ve designed to make your life easier with iKnow.

Central events calendar

The room booking module within iKnow provides a clear way of monitoring bookings across multiple rooms. You have the ability to filter out anything that is not relevant as well as view upcoming events by a specific date or month. The various rooms can also be colour coded to make it easy to differentiate between the facilities being used. Furthermore, there is the function to produce printouts of upcoming bookings which can be really useful to display on your noticeboard, ensuring that the entire team is kept informed.

Manage a selection of rooms

iKnow allows you to set up any number of different rooms that are available. It also allows you to assign different booking categories as well as the layout options that are available for each individual room. For instance, you may only have certain rooms that are available for external hire and there may be certain rooms that are available with a range of layouts (eg. theatre/cabaret/empty).

Manage assets and get every single detail organised

From managing the details of all of your clients through to making bookings, iKnow makes the process extremely simple. Within the main room booking module, you are able to store all of your client’s details, including their contact details and a note of their most recent booking. Creating bookings couldn’t be simpler. You are able to specify the client who requires the booking, take note of the room layout and also add any additional notes. Furthermore, you are able to add assets to a booking, allowing you to manage items such as Projectors, PA Systems and Furniture.


We’re extremely passionate about making iKnow the best system possible and to help churches use the power of technology to assist with communication, administration and caring for your people more effectively. If you’d like to have a look for yourself, why not request a free 30 day trial? If you’d like to hear more specifically about Room Booking, you can also register for an upcoming Room Booking webinar.


As always, if you need any help, feel free to give us a call on 0121 651 1125, or email us on


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