July 2018 Updates

First published on: 18th July 2018

These are the latest updates being released to iKnow Church which all our clients can benefit from. As part of using iKnow Church, your church benefits from all our latest releases at no extra charge.


For multi-location churches, we've improved the team page so that those who administer teams for different locations can now easily filter the teams by location.


When editing a persons profile, the header row showing the roles in a team will always be viewable, even when there is a large list of teams to scroll through.

Process steps can now be assigned to an individual when the process is started. 

Child Check-in

Contacting parents/ guardians has been upgraded to use the Communication Suite. 


If your church tracks event attendance through the small group module, then you can now download the names of people who attended within the Metrics module.  This option only shows in Metrics if your church has enabled the attendance in Settings > Configuration.


New finder queries to search for:

  • has child aged between x and x
  • is a guardian of a child in a certain class or school year
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