Integrating your Alpha Group into church

First published on: 4th January 2017

Christmas has gone and, for many churches this will have meant an influx of visitors, most of whom are not regular church attendees.

Being Christians, we know that there is so much more to the Christian life than merely signing carols at a warming church service, but that Jesus is alive and that we can come into a personal relationship with God through Him.

Communicating the entirety of this message, however, is no easy task to complete in one Christmas service! Many churches will, as a result, have started to utilise courses such as Alpha or Christianity Explored as a method to draw inquiries into further exploration during their Christmas service.

iKnow Church provides churches with a great tool to easily find those initial interests of new visitors to send out an invitation to an Alpha course through the use of Processes and also with the mobile app. However, what does your church do once the Alpha course is finished, how do you follow up on someone who attended, or remember who attended last year’s Alpha and may they be interested in going onto a Going Deeper course?

As with most churches, this information is either rarely captured, or it belongs in several spreadsheets that take far too long to draw out the most relevant data.

We have made this step simple and easy, because we know how important it is to not lose people who are seeking to know more about Jesus in our church systems!

By using a combination of Processes and Journey within iKnow you can set up a clever system to tag all those people who have either registered interest in knowing more or who have been on a previous Alpha course. By inputting this information to iKnow, the church can start to manipulate the data so as to create reminders and searches to find the people who would be most receptive to the next step in the journey of getting to know God.

Likewise, you can then use this in a way that makes sense to the culture of your church, perhaps by inviting those people to a meal or creating a new small group that is designed specifically with those people in mind.

iKnow provides tools for churches to integrate people in a way that makes sense to them, rather than by forcing a structure on the church that doesn’t make sense to the unique way that each church works.

To provide effective pastoral care, keeping information such as this can be vital in making sure that each person is being cared for, as humans leading busy lives, it is easy for us to unintentionally forget information that can best help us in serving people. By utilising technology, the church body can function in a much more streamlined way, giving us more time to focus on what we have been called by God to do.


Our team are on hand to provide each church with help to best use iKnow in its own way, so why not contact our team to see how iKnow can best work for you.

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