Integrating iKnow into Church Life

First published on: 30th September 2017

Whether you have been using the church administration system for years, or whether it is a new venture for your church, you will most likely be thinking about how best you can integrate the system into your church and get your members and staff on board. 

Every congregation is different, so it is worth just taking a moment to think through some of the main obstacles that you may come across when approaching the subject. Are you dealing with a fear of technology within the church, a resistance to a new method, or just time pressures that come along with learning a new system - probably all of these and many other factors. Taking time just to write down a list of the various challenges will help you as you move forward and prevent you from becoming discouraged should you face setbacks in implementing a new system in the church.

You may have caught onto the benefits of iKnow and can easily envision how this is going to help your church to ultimately grow and save time and money in the long run but human nature is averse to the unknown, so we have put together some suggestions for you to think about as you look at how best to integrate iKnow into church life, or how to bring up the subject for the first time.

Take your time - Changes to existing church systems can take time to implement, so it is best to roll iKnow out over several weeks.

Assign someone to be the ‘iKnow go-to’ - Whilst our team here at iKnow HQ  are always here to help you and your team, by having one or two people with the responsibility of getting iKnow set up and running you can avoid the situation of ‘too many cooks’. Once these people are fully familiar with iKnow, they are best situated to help others and can then break down iKnow into sizeable and realistic areas for others.

Start with the leadership teams - This should be the task for the main person assigned to iKnow. Group the various leadership teams that you have in church, Team Leaders, Group Leaders, Children’s Leader, etc and arrange for meetings with each group separately to go through the areas that they specifically need to know. 

Create a support network - Once you have trained the leaders, give them the tools they need to then train the teams that they are responsible for. This way, the task will be easier to manage. We often hold webinars specifically for different leadership teams, so whether you want to share these, or watch them yourself so you can train someone else, you are welcome to join one of our next sessions: iKnow Church Webinars.

Call our team - We appreciate that every church is unique in how it is set up and how it operates, which is why we provide personalised help with the implementation of iKnow. Our team work with churches of all sizes and backgrounds, so we have more than likely come across a similar situation to the one you may be facing. Call us or email us on the details below to discuss any challenges that you may have, our support is free and unlimited, we take the time to listen to you and fully understand your needs so as to best support you. 

You can contact our team on 0121 651 1125 or you can email us on 
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