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First published on: 6th September 2016


"And in the church, God has appointed...those with gifts of administration" (1 Cor. 12:28, NIV)

We are not designed to work alone, as Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians. God has appointed the body with many members; each with different abilities, arranging each of us together specifically so that we can accomplish a bigger goal.

The ministry of the church administrator is to bring each of these members of the body together in unison. It is not about systems or techniques but about managing and pulling together different body parts to perform a function at its best. For a ministry that is centered around people and managing the many various components that form church life; orchestrating and choreographing each body part towards the same direction can be a demanding calling, this is where iKnow helps.

iKnow is designed for the whole church, so each member can feed it’s part into the larger iKnow system, whilst as an administrator, you can oversee all of this and manage permission and access levels. Church members can be given the ability to update their own details and manage their children’s details, which in return provides notification for team and group leaders about details that they need to know such as availability dates for rota’s, or children’s medical information for leaders of children’s ministries.

When you are trying to respond to all the various needs of a fallen world, it is easy for people to get lost and for needs to be overlooked, as it is usually one person that shoulders several responsibilities. The church functions at its best when the whole body contributes and this is where iKnow assists.

iKnow allows you to set up automated processes and then assign this to various people and teams. So if a new person shows interest in your church or in Christianity, you can create a specific process that will ensure that person is being fully welcomed and integrated into the church by involving and incorporating members of the church with that specific responsibility. As an administrator, you can then see where each person is within any given process, which are completely tailored to your church.

How do you make sure that the church is supporting both new and mature Christians alike? Both require support but at different levels dependent on the stage of their faith. As the church grows and you aim to meet these needs for an increasing number of people, how do you remember where each person is in their faith journey?   So how do you remember all of this as the church grows? This is where iKnow serves.

With iKnow, you can know the spiritual walk for each individual and assess where they are at. You can also know whether they are are in a group or serving in a team, and all of this can help you as the administrator to know whether they may be interested in that ‘Christian 101’ course you are planning to advertise, or whether they may perhaps be interested in a ‘Going Deeper’ course instead.

iKnow Church, built to serve.

To find out more about iKnow, contact a member of our team on 0121 651 1125 or email us at hello@iknowchurch.co.uk we look forward to hearing from you.

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