How well did your last service resonate?

First published on: 24th April 2018

When you’re truly invested in your message, you don’t have to shout, often God will speak to us in the soft still inner voice, however being human means that we get busy, we move on quickly and we also forget quickly.

Making your Sunday message resonate with members throughout the week can be a challenge. With iKnow, you can easily keep in touch with members throughout the week and provide regular updates, reminders and promptings to support the Sunday message.

The communication suite of iKnow is of course a great tool to use to keep members updated, as you can easily send emails out to the church as a follow up from Sunday. However, iKnow also offers you a whole load more. By using the Metrics Module you can find out the health of the church to find any areas that may be lagging behind others, for example, have you had less baptisms this year than last and is there perhaps a correlation between those figures and something else, such as the number of new visitors or those doing an Alpha course at the church - knowing information like this can prompt the church into offering the right courses and tools to help in areas that are not showing any growth

Church Metrics


Until you can see the weak points in the church, then it will be difficult to correct them, so iKnow provides all this information for you at your fingertips so that you can effortlessly see where the church needs to focus more attention.

When you have the right data at your disposal and you can see the areas that need more attention, iKnow also then provides you with ways to help get those areas back on track. Perhaps you have noticed that your weekly groups are growing strongly in numbers but the overall attendance of first time visitors to the church on a Sunday is dwindling. You could use this information to encourage the group leaders to invite non-Christian friends to their meetings - with iKnow, each leader can easily feedback to the church leadership about what is happening every week and they also have the ability to then add visitors into iKnow.

By adding visitors into iKnow, the wider church leadership can use this information to create a tailored message aimed at the right level, specifically for visitors with the aim of getting them to the right information and onto the right courses.

It is all about helping the church reach people and iKnow can be used as a vital system within church to get the right messages across. If you would like further help or suggestions on how to use iKnow in getting the church involved then our team are here to help, you can call us on 0121 651 1125, or email us


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