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Here at iKnow Church we take the time to listen to the needs of the local church and are passionate about providing software that helps you in your administration, organisation and Pastoral Care.

We love to share the news of our latest updates and Brand New Releases and this spring we've received fantastic feedback from clients using Custom Fields and our  GDPR TOOL  specifically designed for helping you with your GDPR Compliance. 

At the start of summer we’re excited to announce our latest release : SERVICE PLANNER!

Service Planner

Service Planner is a simple and effective tool that can be used by leaders to create a Service or Event run sheet. This new feature has been designed to bring your planning and detail into one central place, reducing your admin time and helping your services and events to run smoothly through clear and concise communication. 

Service Planner Highlights 

  • Plan the detail of your services and events all in one place
  • Create a Service run sheet including; times / items / notes
  • Download as a pdf for email or helpful print outs on the day

A little more detail…

Within the plan you can choose the format to view either the specific time or the duration and length of an item.

You can add customised items categorising the different sections of your service or event. e.g Welcome /  Worship / Communion / Teaching  /  Prayer  / Announcements

Within this section you add the detail you need within an item of who is leading this section and any relevant notes to the teams involved. e.g Worship Leaders can add the song list for the Projection and Worship Team and the service host can list the announcements they need to remember. 

Simply download into a PDF format to email to your teams or print out for the day so everyone receives the same formatted communication. 

This tool will be great for streamlining church processes and our hope, as always, is that by making church tasks simple, leaders are freed up to do what they are most needed for.


This module is now Live!

If you need help accessing it please contact our support team, We’re always happy to help out! Click here for more information


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