Meeting Planner


Our team of developers are constantly working to make iKnow Church the best possible solution for churches and we are very excitied to announce the launch of our latest feature: Meeting Planner 

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. One moment you’re on a great productive streak and it feels like nothing can stop you when suddenly, out of nowhere a rogue meeting appears. You’ve got a vague recollection of someone mentioning it, but it had completely slipped your memory. Or perhaps you’ve sat down in a meeting and realised you’re missing the one vital document…

Well, with the iKnow Church new Meeting Planner, you’ll now be able to take control of all of the Meeting nightmares.

Highlights of the Meeting Planner include:

  • Multiple Access Levels for Event Management
  • Assign Meeting Roles for attendees
  • Invites for your Church Members and Team
  • Check your attendees in so you know exactly who was at the meeting
  • Create and communicate your Agenda
  • Add attachments to the meeting. 

A closer look:

Any events, anywhere...

Create a plan for any event in your Church’s calendar. Just select the event you need to produce the plan for, and begin!

Invite your world…

Build up a simple invite list and send them either an email or SMS invite which they can RSVP to allowing you to know who should be attending.

Let their Yes mean yes…

Check in your attendees so you know who RSVP’d and who actually attended. This can be done personally or manually. 

Agendas for Everyone…

Produce agendas for everyone to see ahead of the meeting. Produce Agenda Templates for easy access for repeated events. 

New Look Calendar…

A new, refreshed look to the main calendar with a few tweaks made under the bonnet to improve your event booking experience. 

Scalable access…

Control the extent that people are able to edit events in the calendar. Whether its all events, no events or only their own events, you can assign access accordingly.

Making things simple

With the launch Meeting Planner, we’re making things simple for you! We're merging Service Planner and Meeting Planner into our Events Calendar. From the events calendar, you can continue to simply book your services, events and internal meetings, but we’ve transformed the functionality for you!

Please note, we've removed Service Planner from the Dashboard. All service plans can be created within the events calendar module, now with a mass of upgraded functionlity, which we know you'll love. 

If you have access to Events you can start using our new Meeting & Service planner today! Head to our support site for full tutorials here.

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