Equipping church members with the right tools

First published on: 25th January 2018

iKnow Church, whilst a church administration solution, not only provides tools that help leadership and staff but equips church members too. 

Chasing people up and reminding them to provide you with updates of personal details can be a tedious and very time consuming job, time which could be better spent focusing on more important church matters. 

iKnow is designed to be accessed by everyone in the church so as to allow for greater team cooperation, of course, this is able to be controlled through tight permission settings, allowing leaders to have access to areas they need and members the ability to access information relevant to them. 

Every member stored in iKnow will have their own login details, they can easily login to keep their personal details up-to date, such as contact information, address, preferred methods of contact, and if they have children, they can also manage their details such as medical information. 

iKnow Church is a valuable tool for the whole church, to enable better communications and teamwork. Members will never be able to access any areas that they are not given permission for, keeping in mind the safeguarding of every individual in church. 

As a member of the church, I would have the ability to access and change my own details as mentioned above and that of my children, freeing up time for church administrators who will then have access to the latest information, as it is updated. Every person who logins to iKnow will also have instant access to all upcoming church events and church news, a great way to make sure the church is kept up-to date.

If a member is part of a serving team, they will have access to view their rota’s, which if any changes were made by the team leader, the team would have instant access to view the changes made. This serves to help both the team and the leader, as we all know how often church rota’s change!

Along with being able to view my rota, being in a team also involves being able to communicate with others in the team, perhaps to organise a swap or to discuss meetings. Each team created in iKnow also provides access to iShare, a closed area accessed only by that team, where they are able to talk with each other and create discussion topics.

iShare is also given to those who are members of a small group, allowing them to talk about their study topic during the week, offer encouragement to one another, arrange get togethers, etc. iShare is a great way to bring the church and individual teams and groups together during their day to day lives. 

By providing church members with tools relevant to them, this frees up admin time for the church staff whilst also nurturing a more connected community. 

If you would like to know more about how iKnow Church can equip the members of your church, then contact a member of our team who would be happy to assist.

You can call us on 0121 651 1125 option 1, or email the team on hello@iknowchurch.co.uk  
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