December 2014 updates

First published on: 13th December 2014

These are the updates that iKnow Churches will benefit from automatically. 

Pastors Report

We are so excited about these brand new church reports for leaders. The report will be sent automatically every week to the church (location) leader with some fantastic insights and information to help them lead effectively and bring the clarity they need to their team. 

A wide range of information will be provided each week directly to your inbox with general stats about services attendance, demographical stats on age, gender representation through to the number of people who served on teams that week and how many attended groups. There is even updates on people completing journey milestones and year to date stats too!  We know that leaders will love this weekly update and look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

Event Checkin

We’ve been working hard on improvement our event management App and now have a great checkin facility to release to you. 

Through the event App your church can add multiple events, generate tickets, take payments, offer discounts and see who is attending your events. Our new update means that for those events that are ticketed, there is now an easy way to check-in your delegate. 

Every delegate is emailed their booking details which contains a unique QR code for them. They can bring this QR code (or show the email on their phone) to the event and you just need to scan the QR code with the iKnow App. This will then register the delegate into the event.

We hope you see the benefit of this for any events you run. 

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