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First published on: 18th June 2018

Custom Fields is a new and exciting feature that iKnow recently added to its ever growing catalogue of modules and functions. The Custom Fields feature will allow your church to customise and tailor the iKnow database system even further!

iKnow’s database system already includes all of the basic questions that your church would require from an individual member, but, we know that every church across the country (and the world) have their own unique methods and situations in which they are carrying out their calling.

So, to help you to accomplish the objectives unique to your church, we created Custom Fields.

Next time you login to iKnow, why not hop-on-over to the Settings area and experiment with your own set of unique query fields. If you need help navigating your way there, check out our tutorial here: iKnow Custom Fields

By adding in custom fields to your database system you can take your database to a whole other level, by using it to create greater accuracy in meeting your goals as a church.

A church database system shouldn't just be about storing basic information such as contact details and pastoral notes. The information that you have as a church should be pivotal to your spiritual leadership.

Custom fields allow you to collect detailed data that is customised to your needs. For example, you may be looking for a new way to encourage your church members to invite friends to a service, and as such, you may try several unsuccessful methods of doing this. Imagine however that you had already collected information regarding the hobbies and interests of members, all you would then need to do is take a look at the pre-existing data in your iKnow database to find the most common interests amongst your church in order to know what will best work as a catalyst for bringing people together.

The custom fields that you create in iKnow can be searched for within the Finder module too, so finding the correct people becomes a breeze in iKnow’s church database system.

Similarly, perhaps your church is struggling with gaining traction on social media. Imagine you already had data held on your church regarding their skills and employment positions, you may very well find that God has already placed a multitude of people in your church for this very need.

A tailored data system may even alert you to issues prevalent in your congregation which you may have been unaware of previously. Are there a lot of single parents, perhaps parents living with disabled children or a large base of members struggling with the same medical condition?

By customising the fields in iKnow, your church database can go beyond just a collection of information, to being an integral element in your leadership skills and pastoral care.

As a Christian company, the team at iKnow Church are passionate about helping churches of all shapes and sizes fulfil their own unique callings to the highest standards.

To find out more about the Custom Fields feature and many of our other great features, visit our support pages, or contact a member of our team who are ready to provide assistance. Our team are dedicated to making iKnow Church the best church database solution to meet your needs.

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