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Communication modules

Text Message

Send text messages through the system to individuals or specific groups.


Create simple emails, add attachments, or sync your contact list with MailChimp to create structured emails for things like newsletters.


Use the system to create mail-merges for printed letters or communication. You can incorporate your header into your communication too!


Save small groups of people that you would like to communicate with for certain topics. For instance, all of the key holders at your church.


Publish your best sermons and messages for the public to access.


Invite people to events or internal meetings and allow them to respond using our events module.


Stay on top of any communication your team needs to do by setting up reminders for follow ups and emails.

Push notifications - Extra!

Use the mobile app to send push notifications to any app users for quick and free communication.

To watch tutorials on these features, visit our support site.

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