Room Booking - Time to throw away the paper diary!

First published on: 2nd April 2018

If you've ever had the joy of managing the booking system for rooms at your church, then the iKnow Room Booking Module is the feature that will most likely have you expressing joyful exuberance.

Long gone now are the days where you have to trawl through paper files, scribble notes which become illegible after several changes, and rely on others to not use the system incorrectly.

With iKnow’s Room Booking Module, you can easily manage all of your church room bookings in a centralised system, and because iKnow is cloud-based, it can be managed from anywhere with an internet connection. No need to be in the office in order to make or update bookings.

Room booking for churches

Using a highly graphical interface, the Room Booking module provides an easy to read calendar, along with a filtering system so that you can choose to either view all your bookings, booking by room, or you can select a specific date on the calendar to view just that day’s bookings. On the side panel, you can view individual bookings in further detail, you also have the ability here to either edit or delete a booking.

iKnow’s Room Booking Module is an advanced system which will notify you instantly of any room clashes, help you manage repeat bookings and also provide you with the ability to create provisional bookings (provisional bookings will show up on the main calendar and are easily distinguishable from confirmed bookings).

Most churches will have rooms that contain within it a number of assets. For example, you may have a fixed projector in an office space whilst you may have several CD players across multiple rooms, you may even have certain assets for the children’s rooms which you wish to stay in the children’s rooms. iKnow Church will help you to keep track of all these assets and also inform you which assets belong to a particular space. 

Should a client or staff member therefore, require a particular projector, you will easily be able to see in which room that projector is located, and in which rooms it can be used. 


Printable daily and weekly planners are easily created within the module too, as many churches like to also have the ability to place printouts onto a notice board, or a room door, for the purpose of various serving teams or for handing around to staff. 

It is time to throw the paper diaries away and take a good look at the iKnow Room Booking Module.
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