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Helping you to keep church moving

During COVID19 we are hosting live training webinars for you and your teams, so you can join us for training from the comfort of your home or office! 

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Tuesday 2nd March 202110:00Getting Started with iKnow Church

Join us for a 60 minute webinar looking at the basics of iKnow Church. Focusing on collecting information for your Church Members and communication, this webinar is a great place to start if you're trying out iKnow Church or beginning to implement it for your Church.

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Thursday 4th March 202110:00iKnow Church: Ticketing

A detailed look at how you can use the Ticketing module to help with beginning to gather as a Church again. Specifically relating to Test and Trace detail collection.


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Tuesday 9th March 202110:00Access and Permissions

Join us for a 45 mins webinar looking at how you can set up Access and Permissions for your wider Church Team.


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Tuesday 16th March 202110:00iKnow Church: Finance

Join us for a 60 minute webinar looking at the Finance module of iKnow Church. This tool is great for helping you track donations and claim Giftaid for your Church. 


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Wednesday 17th March 202110:00Events and Room Booking

Manage your internal meetings, services, events and room bookings.


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Tuesday 23rd March 202110:00Groups and Teams

Managing Small Groups, Teams and Communication.


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