The Rise of the Church Mobile App

First published on: 1st June 2016

When was the last time you went a day without using an app on your smartphone? For some of us, we could even question when was the last time that we went a single hour in the day without using a mobile app?

The rise in mobile apps over the last five years has been monumental and we as the church should be taking advantage of this. A mobile app for your church can provide the facility for ‘church on-the-go’ with instant access to sermons, upcoming events and much more. With companies like Facebook and Twitter paving the way, we now have access to a diverse range of applications. Why not give church members and guests the opportunity to engage with your church community in a fresh, relevant way?

Why should my church consider a mobile app?

The great thing about a mobile app is that it can provide a wealth of content for existing members, but also provides a really effective platform for new members to engage with your church community. We’ve listed below just a few reasons why you may want to consider a mobile app for your church:

  • An app can increase your ability to communicate with guests and members

  • It shows that you are moving with the times

  • Raise awareness of upcoming events

  • It increases your presence for those who are searching for a church

  • Helps you get past the “Sunday or Wednesday only” mentality and lets people interact with your content on a daily basis.

An image showing examples of the mobile apps that we have created   A screenshot of the notifcations available from within our mobile app

How can a mobile app help us to engage with visitors?

The age old problem of connecting with guests has now been made easier than ever. With an iKnow Church mobile app, you can simply invite people to download your mobile app as part of your welcome and click on ‘I am New’. This will then ask them a few basic details adding them instantly to your iKnow Church Database under ‘pending people’. This can link directly in with the processes function in iKnow, ensuring that you care for visitors as effectively as possible.

Furthermore, without even signing in, visitors can have access to a wide range of features, including blog posts, sermons and the public calendar. Visitors are also able to purchase tickets for upcoming events directly within the app.

How can existing church members benefit from a mobile app?

When a member signs into your app, it instantly unlocks a number of extra features. Members can quickly view notifications relating to their life group, when they are next serving and they can even view any birthdays coming up within their group (so no excuse for not having lots of birthday presents!)

Members can also view forthcoming rotas as well as having the ability to register an interest in joining teams/groups. Each member also has the ability to update their own contact details as well as adding a note of forthcoming holidays to assist with rota creation.

How can my church create a mobile app?

If you would like some advice on how your church can go about creating a mobile app, give our team a call and we will be happy to assist you. Your church can have its’ own custom mobile app that integrates seamlessly with our powerful iKnow Database. This enables you to provide a wealth of information to church members and newcomers alike with just a few clicks. Why not give us a call today on 0121 651 1125 for more info.

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