November 2019 Updates

First published on: 18th November 2019

These are the latest developments that have been released for November 2019.  

Computer showing the small group moduleSmall Groups

We've updated the Small Group module with the fresh new iKnow Church style.

We've also made it an option to record Communion, Baptisms and Salvations within Small Groups.  To turn this on/ off go to Settings > Small Groups.

Record Journey Items within Small Groups - if you would like your group leaders to record if someone has completed a journey item then you can now do this without needing to give them access to the people module. To turn this on go to Settings > Journey Items and you can choose which Journey items can be completed by Group Leaders.  Turning this on would allow the Group Leader to see the Journey item and change the date for people within their group. 


If you are using the calendar to check people into an event then you will be able to see the attendance number update each time someone is checked in through the calendar. If you have a large event with multiple people checkin in then the number will be up to date and accurate for everyone. 

For those embedding the calendar on their website, the week now always starts on a Sunday rather than Monday.

Minor Updates

The scroller has now been fixed so it works on Internet Explorer.

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