Many of our congregation have no internet access, how can I use iKnow?

First published on: 22nd October 2018

Many of our congregation have no internet access, how can I use iKnow?

The UK has recently been ranked 54th in the world for 4G coverage by the National Infrastructure Commission, which can be frustrating in a technology driven society. Having a fast internet connection is vital to any business, and increasingly it is becoming vital for churches too.

This is an obvious concern to the team at iKnow Church, as it is to the many churches who are keen to utilise technology to advance the movement of the church. Although iKnow is a cloud-based system, we are aware that not every city in the UK has an equal internet speed, so if you find yourself with a less than great internet speed, you may wonder how iKnow Church can still benefit your church.

iKnow Church has been developed so that each individual in church can login and use the system, but it does not necessarily rely on this in order for it to be effective. iKnow is a great tool for church leadership and whilst it has member benefits too, the majority of its features are designed for church staff, administrators and those providing pastoral care.

Some churches therefore decide to capitalise on this, by using iKnow only as an administrational tool and not releasing it to members until a future date. This is a great way to get iKnow fully integrated into the church’s operational systems and allow for a teething stage before members get involved.

By 2020, UK internet providers will be legally obliged to provide fast internet speeds across the country. This provides churches with sufficient space and time for an administration system to be set up accurately, and allow for robust testing, before it is introduced to members. It also gives staff and leaders time to become fully trained themselves on the software, so they are able to help with member’s queries.

While we want the church to all get involved with iKnow, being a great way to keep everyone informed throughout the week as to what is going on, keep in touch with small group members and with their own serving duties, we understand that for many internet speed simply does not yet allow for this, or perhaps your church members don’t use the internet on a regular basis. This should not prevent the church from utilising the technology that is out there in order to prepare for the future.

Moving paper systems to a secure, online, cloud-based alternative such as iKnow Church has many benefits, and will continue to do so as the population continues to grow in it’s online usage. Whether your church location currently has great or poor internet connection, investing into the technological future is something that can be accomplished.

If you need help preparing your church for the future and would like further information on how to implement an advanced church database system into your church, the team at iKnow Church are ready to assist you. Contact a member of our team who can guide you through any queries, or give you an online demonstration of iKnow Church.

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