June 2016 Updates

First published on: 3rd June 2016

These are the latest updates for iKnow Church.  This month our update is mainly for an enhancement we've had to make to the emails being sent from iKnow. 


Due to changes being made to Google Mail and Yahoo later this month, we've changed the way email is sent from iKnow. Some churches use a Google or Yahoo address as their main church email which have been used by iKnow when sending out emails.

The change happening later this month would mean that any emails sent from Google would not be received by people who also have a Google account. This is the same for Yahoo address.

We've updated emails being sent from iKnow will come from our no-reply@iknowchurch.co.uk email address. However if someone receives an email which they reply to then the reply will go to the correct recipient as before. End users of iKnow shouldn't notice any difference and the change we've made will ensure email continues to get through to members of your church.

Child Check-in

We've added date of birth to the Child Check-in report.


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