July 2016 Updates

These are the most recent updates to iKnow Church which all churches will benefit from.

Data Importer

Whether you have used iKnow for years or are just starting iKnow, there may be times when you want to add a lot of people in one go. If you have had a recent event or want to use iKnow to connect with a new group of people then our recent update makes it easier for you.

Our Data Importer will allow you to upload your own spreadsheet CSV file so that all your people information can be entered onto iKnow in just a few clicks.  If you record journey items then these can also be imported along with your small group and team information.  The importer is available in Settings > Data.  For advice on using this and to download an Excel template then please click on the help files from within iKnow.

Room Booking

We've now added asset management to the room booking module so that you can keep track of any items such as projectors, DVD players, TV's etc.  We've also built this to allow churches to setup categories of assets making it easy to manage multiple types of items such as projectors.


Maps make it easy to see where someone lives when viewing their profile. The map tool also shows peoples home in relation to the small groups. We've now updated the maps used throughout iKnow.

Minor Updates

Rotas - Previously this was set to disappear from a persons dashboard as soon as an event started. Following a lot of feedback you will be pleased to know that rota reminders on the dashboard now stay visible once the event has started.  They will disappear 4 hours after the event has started which we hope will suit most meetings.

Rotas - it is now possible to create rotas for events up to 6 months in advance.


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