Important steps to get new contacts onto iKnow Church

First published on: 15th October 2019

Important steps to get new contacts onto iKnow Church

iKnow is great for keeping in touch with your church members and absolutely fantastic for reaching out to those who come into contact with your church.
Perhaps there are community members coming into contact through a Christmas or Easter service, or another special event. We encourage you to use iKnow to contact these people and invite them back to future events.

In order to do this though, it is critical that you get contact details in the first place. You can't invite someone back without a name, email address or phone number! 
How should you do this? 

Connect Card

The humble connect card is a timeless way to get people to leave details with your church so that you can continue to stay in touch with them.
Don’t underestimate how this simple tool can create an avenue for further communication. It's also not intimidating for a visitor who may not want to ask you to stay in touch with them.
We recommend leaving them out on chairs or under chairs, and then making a point of them during your church service. It’s easy for people to quickly fill one in and then drop it in the offering basket. Don’t forget to ask for peoples to permission to be contacted so that your communication is GDPR compliant! 

Click here to download your free Connect Card!





Connection Point

Have you considered having someone logged into iKnow during your morning service? This way if someone new attends your service, they can visit the designated point and leave their details with you as you input them directly into iKnow.

Don't forget about CSV Import!

If you have an event where a lot of people are attending an event and you would like to input all of their details into iKnow at once, you can import a CSV into iKnow Church. There is a tutorial about this on our support site here.

Remember, make it simple for people to leave their details with you. Ensure that you always communicate how this can be done during your service. That way the hard part is done, and you can communicate with people simply and effectively moving forward. There’s power in an invitation, if someone attends church once, it may be just what they need to be invited back!

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