How iKnow Church has been used by Kings Church High Wycombe

iKnow Church management software was implemented by King’s Church High Wycombe in 2014. A part of the Newfrontiers family of churches, King’s Church has been in continuous growth for a number of years, and with visitor and member numbers consistently increasing, the demand for a church management system became a paramount requirement. 

Nicky Pearson at King’s Church High Wycombe uses iKnow Church in the capacity as a connect group leader and also for creating team rotas for various serving teams. 

Nicky had this to say about using iKnow Church: 

“I find iKnow especially useful for creating team rotas because it instantly flags up any clashes where team members may already be on another rota, or on holiday. Before using iKnow it would be a case of sending out rotas by email or mail, and then manually amending any changes. With iKnow, once I have created the rota, my team then has instant access and so any amendments can be made quickly and easily. 

Notification reminders are automatically sent to everyone on the rota, before the event that they are rostered on for; as a church member who serves on a team myself, I now rely on receiving the notifications!”

iKnow Church is a powerful church management system that allows the whole church to get involved; responsibility of its up-keep can be delegated to the relevant people, Nicky has access to update one aspect of the system at King’s Church High Wycombe, with other staff members at King’s having access and managerial rights to other iKnow modules. Church members are also able to contribute to its up-keep by inputting their own information, such as holidays, which will then automatically alert the person managing any rota that they are on.

Jen Swallow is King’s Office Administrator, and she uses the Smart Circles feature of iKnow Church Software as a way of helping those in the church stay connected:

“Smart Circles is a great tool to use as it provides a really quick and easy way to find a precise group of people that we want to contact. We can find information quickly, such as who hasn’t been baptised or who is not yet in a connect group; this is a useful aspect for our leaders, as it provides an understanding of where people are in their journey with God. 

The whole system is really customisable, which is great because we can make it fit in with the working culture of our church.”

iKnow Church is a great way to manage the day-to-day running of church in an effective and manageable way. Being accessible to the whole church, the integration of iKnow Church Software can really benefit your church by assisting in the communication, sense of community and by helping you to provide effective pastoral oversight.

People and community are at the heart of iKnow Church; making sure that the people who come to church are connected and receive fruitful discipleship is important to us, which is why we keep this in mind throughout the development of our software by incorporating effective communication and pastoral tools across the system, to ensure that no one is lost within church.

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