Finder Yet?

First published on: 18th January 2022

Finder Yet?

iKnow's Finder Tool

We’ve all experienced the dreaded question, ‘What’s an interesting fact about yourself?’ If you’re like me, you’ll draw a blank! Now, that’s not because there’s nothing interesting about me, but because it can be hard enough remembering things about yourself at times, let alone others!

That’s where the Finder tool in iKnow can help.

Meeting new people presents itself with the challenge of remembering the things that they tell you about themselves, and you’re not going to learn everything about a person all at once. Using iKnow presents you with a unique opportunity to find out and remember things like practical skills, birthdays and even allergies that people may have. 

Using Custom forms you can ask people certain questions that are specific to your Church, and use the Finder tool to search for all who answer a certain way. Handy for when seeking to find someone with a certain skill, interest or hobby.

You can also create searches for people who have joined within the last year, attended a certain event, are of a certain demographic and all sorts!

Once you’ve created your search, you can decide if you want the search to be just for yourself, or if others who have access to the Finder tool can also use it.

Then, using the Communication Suite in the People Module, you can either message an individual or everyone in the results. More on the Communication Suite here.

What’s more is those with their own profiles can update their information themselves making it lighter work for Admins!

For more information on how to use the Finder Tool, check out our Support Site here.

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