February 2020 Updates

First published on: 17th February 2020

These are the latest developments that have been released for February 2020.  

New - Church Networks

If your church or organisation is made up of a number of locations then you can easily group these with the new Church Networks feature. This update is perfect if you are a; Church with multiple Churche, Benefice, Deanery or Circuit. Everything we develop we have customisation in mind and you are now able to group your churches together, either geographically or according to your unique organisational structure.

You can also customise the terminology of Church Networks within the Settings Module / Dictionary, to fully reflect the language of your church and organisation. 

Church Networks Video Tutorial 



Custom Form Downloads

We've had great feedback from the new Custom Forms feature we launched in December. We've added an update to this so that authorised users can now download completed custom form data as a CSV file. 

Download forms as a CSV

Custom Forms Video Tutorial 


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