February 2019 Updates

First published on: 8th February 2019

These are the latest updates being released to iKnow Church which all our churches will benefit from. As part of using iKnow Church, your church receives all our latest releases at no extra charge. 


iKnow Church has always had advanced access control ensuring only the right people have access to your churches data. We've now added roles so that you can define access for a certain group of people and then those people added to the role will all inherit that access. If you adjust the access for that role then it will affect everyone in that group. 

To start customising the roles go to Settings > Roles.   

As part of this update you will see that we have also allowed further control over what areas of settings someone has access to. Within roles you will be able to defined which settings someone can change. 

Role Icon

We hope you like these updates and we look forward to sharing further updates over the coming months. If you need help then you can also contact our support team on 0121 651 1125 or by ticket.


If you have connected iKnow Church to MailChimp then teams and groups can now be syncronised to MailChimp.  The syncronisation has also been updated so that, if a person's contact preferences are changed to say they don't want to receive emails, they will be removed from your MailChimp List.  Also, if a person's Contact Type is changed from 'Church' to anything else, they will be removed from the MailChimp List.  The syncronisation can also update email addresses in the MailChimp list, so if you change someone's email address in iKnow, it will be updated in MailChimp.


We now have a new role to teams called Manage People. If you give someone access to this role then they will be able to add and remove people to their team. Once they have added someone to their team they can be added to rotas and the team leader will be able to see the parts of a persons profile that you have enabled for team leaders to see. 

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